Behind-the-Scenes of Episode 4

As we continue work on getting Episode 4 ready for online release, I’d like to share some behind the scenes info.

Episode 4 was filmed at Cowtown Museum in Wichita, KS. It’s a fully recreated 1880s western town. We were invited by the staff of Cowtown to their steampunk day and to film on location in May 2013.

Of course, we accepted the invitation, but a western town didn’t currently fit in the story arc that was designed for season 1 of the web series. It’s the only episode in Season 1 that was written by me, Director Ben Watkins. Since it was an episode that needed be outside the story arc of the other episodes (and the fact that our series writer was busy on other episode scripts), I designed a story involving characters of folks I knew could travel to Cowtown with us. I wrote a basic western adventure, complete with a bar brawl, gunfights, and of course steampunk tech.

Gunny and the crew of the Airship Vindus didn’t forget how Adrian Colt and his gang thwarted their job at the Pilot Knobb Transportation Depot, and they plan to get even. Will the Sky Marshals get to Colt first, or will the Vindus get lucky?

This was our first big filming date, with the largest cast and crew we’ve had ever worked with. We had great volunteer extras, and even though it was a very long filming day everyone had fun.

The Episode is looking like it will be about 15 minutes, not including the opening sequence or credits. I am currently working on sound design, and Seth Hoover is helping with the visual effects.

Come back tomorrow to see behind the scenes photos. =)