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Planet Comicon 2015: Photo Albums plus Jail n Bail pics

Thursday Setup and Friday

Some of the Brass Engine crew arrived Thursday to set up the steampunk area and make preparations for opening day of Planet Comicon. After the time machine and some tables with props were set up, the crew retired to a local bar and grill to relax and prepare themselves for what lied ahead.

Friday was an exhilarating success! As the crowd of thousands poured into the convention center, the steampunk area was one of the first things they would see and experience. We felt honored to be front and center in such a huge arena. So many folks admired the props and asked for their picture on the time machine (see Time Machine photos here!). When the convention closed on Friday, we all made the short walk to a local mexican restaurant to celebrate the birthday of our very own Steampunk Vader.

Ben and Larry (with some help from a few other Brass Engine members) built a time machine to bring to Planet Comicon. (Click the image for the full album)



Just like any other convention we attend, there will always be shenanigans. One of the big reasons we decided to make the Steamworks and Shadows web series was how much fun we had being in character. Of course, Saturday was also filled with some of the best cosplays, and we even got a steampunk group photo in front of the time machine!

Shenanigans! Judge questions Mac’s desire to sip on a fruity drink and wear a floral bonnet. (Click the image to see the full album)




The last day of a convention is always the hardest. You’re completely exhausted, but it’s been such a wild ride that you push yourself to make it through one more day. We photographed even more amazing cosplays, and even got our photo with the Delorean from Back to the Future!

That’s right, it’s Layla and a gender-bent Throttle from Biker mice from Mars! (Click the image to see the full album)


Want to see higher res photos? You can also view the albums on our Google+ page!


Charity Jail n Bail

Did you get “arrested” for charity during Planet Comicon weekend? We’ve got the photos of all our jailbirds on facebook!

Click the image to visit the full album, and tag yourself!



Airship Vindus Turns 2 – A Steampunk Family Grown Beyond An Airship (Special Art by Cristin Thompson-Watkins)

On July 4, 2012, Airship Vindus was born. The day was spent at a crew member’s house, plotting out the details of what would become known as the Vindus. Ben Watkins devised the name Vindus, which the latin roots of the word can be interpreted as “the vine with teeth”. Kevin Purvis designed the overall look and size of what would be the ship.

Though, a name and a drawing of a vessel doesn’t make an Airship. The interesting collective of people and their characters is what made Airship Vindus. Over the last two years, we’ve expanded our Vindus family to include the Ben Watkins and Joe Myers creation, Steamworks and Shadows. While they may not all be “Official Vindus Crew”, they are all part of our steampunk family here in the Midwest.

To those that have been part of the various Airship Vindus projects, or just watched from afar and supported us, we thank you. How far we’ve come and where we’re going would not be possible without the amazing people that have helped to shape the Vindus and Steamworks and Shadows.

As a special tribute to this day of remembrance of our roots, Cristin Thompson-Watkins created an inspired work of art to represent our time together.

Click for full resolution
Click for full resolution

Here’s to another two years of growth in our steampunk family!

Photos from Midwest Geekfest 2014

Photos from Midwest Geekfest 2014! The cast of Steamworks & Shadows had such an awesome time! Go to the album on Google+ or Facebook to like, share, and tag photos!

[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”115837666089213005838″ ualb=”6007546785753729281″ imgl=”fancybox” style=”wall” row=”4″ size=”240″ num=”90″ align=”center” max=”100″]

Steampunk comes to Brothers on Whatever Podcast!

Director Ben Watkins and Writer Joe Myers are heading to St Louis Missouri to record a show with Brothers on Whatever, a podcast featuring local artists.


Ben and Joe will be talking about their experiences in being co-creators of Steamworks & Shadows, with plenty of behind the scenes stories and even a glimpse into what’s coming next for the unique steampunk universe.

Listen live on Tuesday, April 15, on from 8-10pm. You can also catch it the next day on April 16 on their website or itunes.