Podcasts on the Way

Greetings S&S Fans!

We are currently working to bring you a weekly podcast, starring the Director of Steamworks and Shadows! We’ll be talking about production of the web series, exclusive behind the scenes chats, special events and premieres, and other S&S projects.

Tune in here to steamworksandshadows.com to listen to our Director podcasts!

OFFICIAL Steamworks and Shadows Trailer 2013

Our official trailer for Season One of Steamworks and Shadows, being filmed this summer and released Fall 2013!

Editor/Director/Writer/SFX/VFX – Ben Watkins
Assistant Editor – Jashin Lin
Assistant Editor – Seth Hoover
Co-writer – Joe Myers
Assistant Videographer – Cristin Thompson-Watkins
Props by Aterman Props http://atermanprops.com
Music with permission by The Aeronauts
Special Dialogue Line Writer – Sarah Weed

Shot on Canon T3i, edited in Adobe Premiere CS5

Cast (in order of appearance):
JP Morgan – Rodger Francis
Jacob “Gunny” McManus – Kevin Purvis
Aura Korova – Aura Slavit
Lady Jade Summers – Jashin Lin
Carlisle Evans – Seth Hoover
Shamus McMagnus – Robert Shatlain
Adrian Colt – Joe Rexwinkle
Judge – Ben Watkins
Tobias Blackmoore – David Casper
Dr. Dominic Stark – Joe Myers
Layla Anders – Cristin Thompson-Watkins

Steampunk Huntress Mask: The Paint Process

Taking something made from plastic and turning it into an antiqued metallic color is a multi-layered, multi-step process. I have devised my own unique way of accomplishing the look, and I’d like to share it.

For the Steampunk Huntress Mask, I started with black ABS plastic sheet.


The first step was to establish the metallic base color, which in this case was bronze. I chose “Dazzling Metallics” bronze acrylic paint. After about 5 coats of this bronze paint, I had a good metallic base to work from, which you can see pictured on the left.

Next, I mix rubbing alcohol and black acrylic paint to make a wash. I do a quick wash over the whole piece and daub it with a rag for texture. Then, I mix some of the bronze paint into the black wash to make a dark bronze color and wash the piece again, but heavier this time. I daub away the excess paint with the rag, and the real texture starts to come through. After 1-2 more washes of dark colors, we end up with what you see pictured on the right. (the blue is masking tape to protect the clear lenses)


Steampunk Huntress Mask, Part 2

I didn’t get pictures of all my steps, but here’s what I did in a nutshell to the right part of the mask:

Heat Forming – I heated and formed the parts to a slightly curved shape to fit the face better and represent what’s in the original art. Then, I heat formed “wrinkles” into the wings to give them depth.

Assembly – I assembled the parts with a good strong glue, and then filled gaps and sanded edges to make everything fit nicely.

Paint – I started with several coats of high metallic bronze acrylic paint. Then, I blackwashed it lightly. Then I washed it in a really dark bronze. Then, I blackwashed it again and daubed it for texture. Here’s what came out, and I really hope the customer likes the paint scheme.


Steampunk Huntress Mask, Part 1

I received a commission to recreate the mask from a cool art piece of a steampunk era Huntress.

Here is the original art piece by http://michaeldooney.deviantart.com/


I’ll be building the mask from genuine leather and ABS plastic sheet, painted to look bronze. First, I created a vector blueprint based on what I saw in the art.

steampunk huntress mask

Then, I separated the pieces in the vector and printed the lineart at full scale to cut out the ABS pieces.


Next up: Cut out some clear, slightly domed, lenses and make the head-strap attachment hardware!