Episode 6 – A Daring Rescue is out now!

In this episode of Steamworks and Shadows, the steampunk web series, the crew of the Airship Vindus set out on a daring mission to retrieve the kidnapped Professor Lloyd from the villainous clutches of the Academiae Veritas.

Will the crew finally succeed at the mission given to them by JP Morgan? Watch and find out in this new installment of the steampunk web series!

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Behind the Scenes Blog:

Greetings, Steamworks fans! This is Director Ben Watkins. I’ve decided to write out a short blog entry for some behind the scenes of Episode 6, “A Daring Rescue”, written by Joe Myers.


Story Flow

The scenes were rearranged in editing to tell a more visual story. In script, the Vuitton-Coates conversation happened at the end of the episode, similar to our previous episodes where you would see Vuitton at the very end of the episode. For this episode, however, I felt that the excitement building with the cliffhanger for Judge, Gunny, Carlisle, and Tobias was very powerful, and any scene put in after that would take away from it. At first, I put the entire villainous conversation at the front of the episode, but it seemed to drag on too long. After getting some secondary opinions from the production crew, we finally settled on splitting the conversation into two parts.


All of the scenes, except the interior airship scene, were filmed in Blackwater MO. Blackwater is a small tourist town in Missouri, not far from Columbia. They have some historic buildings, and a gunfight show that happens on occasion. The Vuitton-Coates scene was filmed behind the Iron Horse Hotel, on their restaurant patio. Audio was especially difficult for that scene, since the AC unit is also on the patio. The Gunny-Judge-Umbra scene was filmed inside a grain tower next to the railroad tracks in Blackwater. The grain tower had one large open room that was great for filming. The Carlisle-Tobias-Fulgur scenes were filmed just outside the same grain tower, on the railroad tracks. Filming took longer than expected, since a train would come through Blackwater about once per hour. It sort of felt like playing street hockey, and having to grab everything and run out of the way when a car was coming.

Special FX

The effects for this episode were somewhat more difficult than other episodes, since there was a lot of things that had to be created, and made to look like they fit in the scene. First, there was Judge’s flashlight. I actually never got around to making the flashlight work for real, so I had to create a light beam in After Effects with no fancy expensive plugins. I probably spent more time learning how to do convincing light beams in three dimensions than it took to create the final effect. The lightning effects for Fulgur took from 5-8 layers of effects for each clip. It took a lot of tweaking on the lightning to make it look like it fit the scene, and didn’t stick out too much.

Stay tuned for behind the scenes photos and blooper reel!

New S&S Steampunk Shorts Series – Story Time with Sunitori!

Although we are still in the midst of releasing Season one of the official web series, ideas continue to flow for new films. Over the course of the next few months, we will be producing a few new series of shorts, featuring characters from all over the S&S universe. The first series is all about the Hand of Glory Gang, the notorious thieves and constant pain for the Vindus and the Marshals.

Sunitori, the right hand of Adrian Colt, dreams of being much more than just another thief in the Hand of Glory gang. For this first short, Sunitori would like to tell you a tale of epic proportions. So sit back, and enjoy Story Time with Sunitori!

Episode 5: Searching for clues in the forest and in books, plus bloopers and behind the scenes photos

In the fifth installment of the steampunk web series Steamworks and Shadows, the crew of the Vindus has divided into two groups. The first is on a mission in the Arcadian Forest, looking for signs of Professor Lloyd. The other remains on the ship, trying to break a secret code in a book they found at the Masquerade.

Will either team uncover the secret information they seek? Find out in this episode of our steampunk web series.

The reason we make films is because it’s fun. So of course, our escapades in filming are full of shenanigans. Enjoy some bloopers below!

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A Few Comedic Moments in the Steampunk World of Steamworks and Shadows

The first video might make you chuckle, but the second video will have you rolling on the floor. In the steampunk world of Steamworks and Shadows, not everything is always so grim and ominous. The Hand of Glory Gang makes it their goal to poke fun at the Airship Vindus crew in between missions.

When you are filming such a large web series, you have to find ways to still have fun. These short comical interludes are our way of letting off steam (pun intended) and staying friends through the stress that can come with filmmaking.

Please enjoy the videos, leave a comment and like on youtube, and share with your friends. Thanks!


Episode 4 Released – The Good, the Bad, and the Glory – a rootin tootin romp through an old west town

The newest installment of Steamworks & Shadows™ has arrived! In the longest and most anticipated episode of the steampunk web series, the crew of the Airship Vindus has had enough of Adrian Colt and his gang stealing from them and interfering where they can. So, the steampunk crew has decided to track down Adrian and his gang, cornering him in a small western town where a high society auction is sure to have the perfect bait to catch the Colt.

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We’ll be posting some behind the scenes photos and blogs next week, so be sure to check back!

Holly Conrad Mentions Steamworks and Shadows on Youtube

Not only did we have an awesome time at Midwest Geekfest, we got to hang out with none other than Holly Conrad! She recently mentioned us in her vlog series on youtube and had awesome things to say about the series, so go check it out and share!

“[The web series] is really cool. They’ve got special effects, and their costumes are phenomenal. Judge from the show has an amazing costume with panels of metal on it and stuff, it’s just really, really phenomenal.”

(Holly Conrad is an awesome cosplayer that has been featured in a comicon documentary by Morgan Spurlock and was a contestant on Heroes of Cosplay)

Episode 4 Trailer

While we’re hard at work on Episode 4, we’d like to give you a short preview of what’s coming. In our steampunk web series, Steamworks & Shadows, episode 4 has turned out to be the longest episode yet. It’s story diverts somewhat from the main plot of the web series, so this is more like a short film showing the relationships between Airship Vindus, the Sky Marshals, and the Hand of Glory gang.

Stay tuned to our social media sites for updates and the eventual release of episode 4!