Name: Judge
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Occupation: Monster Hunter
Affiliations: Airship Vindus
Character Created by: Ben Watkins
Photo by Scott Peterson

Judge is a Monster Hunter aboard the Airship Vindus. Judge is a skilled monster hunter in the American West, and spent nearly 10 years hunting down and either capturing or killing monsters of every kind. The only company Judge really likes to keep is his dog, Helsing, and occasionally Layla Anders. Judge served aboard the Airship Pandora and was one of the few to witness the Schism. When Judge thought he was done flying aboard airships and going on adventures to fix the timestream, Lady Jade Summers appeared with a new ship and a mission that Judge begrudgingly accepted.


In 1870, Judge woke up in a desert, half dead and with part of his left hand missing. He couldn’t remember what had happened to him (or his name) as he forced himself to walk the dunes in search of help. He ended up on a rancher’s doorstep and was nursed back to health.

Not long after, he discovered his gift of “the sight”. He could see the monsters and demons that hid in plain view, behind a supernatural veil. This, coupled with his seemingly natural ability with firearms, made him an instantly notorious bounty hunter of monsters, demons, spooks, etc.

He earned his nickname, Judge, after being discovered by an organization known as Hunters of Unnatural and Nameless Terrors (H.U.N.T.). They brought him in on the promise of teaching him how to harness his abilities and show him he was not the only one given the “sight”. It wasn’t long before Judge realized that HUNT had no intention to help him find whatever monster had taken part of his hand and nearly killed him. Judge left HUNT and wandered the landscape hunting monsters on his own.

He spent years hunting down anything that someone was willing to pay for it to be killed or captured. Along the way in his adventures, he met Layla Anders, his dog Helsing, Professor Rhys Gough, and the Demoness Zeshaia.

In 1880, Judge was approached by a strange man called Jefferson August, captain of the Airship Pandora. Judge tried to ignore him, but Judge got swept up in the ripples of a fracturing timestream, altering past events that in turn changed the present. Judge agreed to help August on the promise that Judge would be returned to his own time, exactly as it was. Judge helped August defeat the villain behind the fractured timestream, Baron Victor Shaw and the Brass Army. The villain’s defeat caused an event known as the Schism.

Judge returned to 1880 to pick up where he left off. He got a few jobs in when a few of the old crew showed up out of nowhere in a new ship. Lady Jade Summers needed Judge’s expertise, and knowing Layla Anders was involved, Judge begrudgingly came aboard. The crew traveled with their ship to 1885. When Judge asked why 1885, he was told “because it’s the right time”.


Judge avoids social situations and hates being forced into one. He is gruff, callous, and rude judge7to everyone with only the exception of Helsing and occasionally Layla. Judge likes to keep things concise, and just wants to know what and where the thing that needs killing is. He is somewhat impatient, and hates deliberation and planning. He’d rather go in guns blazing and hope for the best rather than sit in a room and talk about it. Judge is OCD about his weapons and gear. It is arranged in a specific way in his personal armory, and he would take notice if it moved. He becomes anxious if anyone else touches his equipment. Judge has a black and white sense of justice, and there is no room for gray. He does not judge by appearance or what you are, but the deeds or misdeed you’ve done. Judge is completely loyal to a cause he believes is right.

Skills and Abilities

  • Firearms – Crackshot
  • Martial Weapon Combat – Saber Fencing
  • Hand to Hand Combat – Bar Brawler
  • Track (supernatural) – Being able to follow, identify, trap, and or destroy supernatural creatures
  • Supernal Sight – Ability to see ghosts and see through monsters’ disguises.
  • Soul Charge – Release of strange energy that can disintegrate most opponents. Usable at great physical cost.


Left thigh holster

  • An iron stake – Great for killing vampires or wounding goblins and trolls
  • Thrope Cure – This large syringe can be used on most thropes during their first transformation as a permanent cure. Otherwise, it temporarily forces the creature to revert to human form so they can be dealt with more easily.
  • Crystal Focused Electric Torch – This special handheld lantern was given to Judge by Professor Rhys Gough. It makes invisible spirits visible and can also assist in exorcism of a spirit or demon by weakening them.
  • Bottle of Holy Water – It comes in handy when dealing with the damned. It usually weakens them enough to be harmed by more conventional means.
  • Thread of charms and trinkets – The various bits that hang from this holster help in protecting the wearer from specific monsters.
  • Fairy and Gnome handcuffs – These miniature versions of human shackles make detainment easier when dealing with smaller creatures.

Right thigh holster and gun belt

  • 1851 Navy Colt Revolver – Nothing special about this gun.
  • Dragon claw trophy – A claw off a dragon, as a good luck charm.

Cross draw gun belt

  • Electro-Magnetic Rail Slug Pistol – the bulky pistol can discharge a 100 caliber silver bullet at 1100 f/s. Judge could only afford one bullet, so when he takes down a biggun, he makes sure to dig out the expensive bullet.

Shoulder Sling (Sometimes)

  • Crossbow Shotgun – This odd weapon combination was designed by Judge himself. “Sometimes a stake will do the trick…sometimes bullets. It’s good to have both.”
  • Ammo Belt – Copper and Silver load shotgun ammunition, mixed with traces of wood splinter, garlic, and a drop of holy oil.

Left Bracer

  • Mounted audemitter, capable of transmitting and receiving signal from other audemitters and the airship’s communication array.

Prosthetic finger glove (ring and pinky) – Left hand

  • leather and metal glove imbued with alchemy to function as an auto-prosthetic.


  • Imbued Brass Armor Vest, shoulders, and bracers. A werewolf and a yeti braid of hair hang from the right shoulder as trophies.
  • Dust/Sun Protection Goggles
  • Leather Stetson hat
  • Boots and spurs
  • Armor reinforced frock coat or duster (Sometimes)


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Judge: Monster Hunter – Series of fiction excerpts

Copyright Ben Watkins, 2011