Hand of Glory

handofglory2015The Hand of Glory is the most feared and arguably one of the most prolific criminal groups in the world. Originally a gang of common thieves known as the Red Right Hand, the group was forcibly taken over and transformed into the Hand of Glory by the then-relatively unknown Adrian Colt.

Under Colt’s command, the Hand began to focus on the accumulation of advanced – or at the very least useful – technology to assist them in carrying out their crimes, the most notable of which is Colt’s own bracer, which grants him a level of intangibility and allows him to pass through solid objects with virtually no resistance. By setting their sights on these early on, a small force of Hand bandits is on par with even a heavily-armed military squad, putting them miles ahead of common constabulary.


  • Adrian Colt
  • Sunitori Yazno
  • The Gang

Ventures Series Poster - HandofGlory4-01History

The Hand of Glory experienced a meteoric rise to power in only the last decade.  What was once a local group of cattle wranglers and stick-up artists has morphed into the most well known group of thieves in the land.

The Red Right Hand

The Red Right Hand began as a bandit group with its own fierce reputation.  While they were adept thieves in their own right, they had a habit of losing their nerve when push came to shove.

While it is hard to separate fact from fiction, the legend goes that the Red Right Hand had targeted a young thief named Adrian Colt for operating in their territory.  After a long hunt turning up a series of false leads, they eventually gave up and returned to their hideout to find it stripped bare except for a single chair and their quarry sitting in it and staring them in the face.

From that day forward, The Red Right Hand became the Hand of Glory and has not once been accused of a lack of nerve.

The Hand of Glory Earns its Name

With Colt firmly at the helm of the group, the Hand of Glory rapidly expanded from a tiny group of brigands and highwaymen to a sprawling alliance of skilled thieves, murderers, arsonists, scientists, and any other marginally talented and shunned individuals that decided that being rich was worth the risk.  Many of the early members were personally scouted by Adrian Colt in order to bring cohesion to the ranks of his burgeoning tribe.

Early exploits were simple bank robberies, carriage hold ups, and train robberies.  These soon became cases of bank vaults being cleared by a team of experts, carriages being taken while their occupants were kindly ushered to the next town, and train cars being rerouted right off the tracks.  The vision of Adrian Colt was to always have the next heist be bigger, flashier, and more impossible to believe.  To this end, it was necessary to grab some new toys.

Overnight, the Hand of Glory graduated from a skilled but minor pest to a technologically superior and well coordinated blight upon the concept of personal property.  The lack of transition between these two states has led to whispered stories ranging anywhere from the Hand of Glory being government agents, to having a group of elite scientists in their back pocket, to being from another world.  If asked, any member is as likely to happily repeat these rumors back as the public is to spread them, which makes the picture no clearer.  When asked in front of Sunitori, the otherwordly beings explanation tends to only be a whisper and accompanied by nervous glances.

The Veritas Uprising

The Hand first caught wind of the Veritas by intercepting a transmission the Academy sent to various factions around the world. The Hand responded by sending out a call to join the ‘winning team’, as Adrian Colt put it.

For the most part, the Hand tried to stay out of the battle between the Veritas and the Vindus. They did, however, take plenty of opportunities to do what they do best while hte world was distracted by the Veritas horrors.

The Hand finally encountered the Vindus head on at Cowtown (Episode 4), where the Hand stole a very rare antiquity of unknown value and power. Adrian Colt and his gang ultimately escaped the Vindus, retreating to their hideout with the prize.

Not much later, the Hand found themselves face to face with the Vindus once more in the Arcadian forest (Episode 5). The reasons Adrian was searching the forest are still unknown, and the Hand escaped before being fully questioned.