Sky Marshals

Faction Type: Law Enforcement
Alliance: North American Republic
Leader: Capt. Sean MacTaggart

The Sky Marshals appeared in 1881, a year after the Schism. They compete with the Pinkertons as a private security force for the North American Republic. The flagship of the Sky Marshals is the Airship Lexington, captained by Sean MacTaggart.

Sky Marshals HQ

In the middle of the wasteland known as the Central Expanse, there is a crater with a small island built up in the center. This hill inside a crater holds the headquarters for the Sky Marshals and serves as a docking port for the Lexington.

The building is well fortified in defenses, and difficult to get to through the dust storms. The Marshals use the building as a place to meet, rest, and plan the next mission.

Lexington Logo SimplesmallThe Ship

The Lexington was formerly a destroyer in Shaw’s fleet during the Time War. Refurbished, though a bit run down and always in need of aether, has been outfitted with special filters on the engines so it can run through the dust storms of the Central Expanse. Much of its old armor and warship equipment have been stripped off to make it lighter, faster, and better at catching their quarry.

Ventures Series Poster - Marshals-01History


Captain Sean MacTaggart appeared in 1881, just one year after the Schism, with a refurbished airship and a desire to help bring order to the Central Expanse and the rest of the North American Republic. Before long, he landed his first government contract, in direct competition with the Pinkertons. With each successful mission, MacTaggart attracted new Marshals at an astounding rate.

Veritas Uprising

The Sky Marshals were largely unaware of the Veritas Uprising until Capt. MacTaggart caught wind that the Airship Vindus was going after industrialist JP Morgan, who was working with Veritas leader Marie Vuitton. While MacTaggart tried to meet the Vindus at the Morgan mansion, he didn’t make it in time.

Prominent Marshals

Though there are many Marshals in several of the NAR nations, the following are among the most active and prominent.

  • Capt. Sean MacTaggart
  • Nathaniel Graves
  • Aphera Elizabeth MacTaggart
  • Aileas Logan
  • David Whesker
  • Lady Veronique
  • John “Caterpillar” Ravenholm
  • Evie
  • Bones