A Steampunk Universe


Airships. Pirates. Engineers. Treasure hunters. The world of steampunk is one that conjures images of brass and mahogany, scarlets and gold, adventure and fortune. Yet, there is so much more to see.

Swashbuckling heroes and courageous lords and ladies are the adventurous side of Victorian science-fiction. However, tales of vampires and other creatures of the night gave way to the horrors within this heroic setting.

This is the mindset inherent to Steamworks & Shadows, the universe created by Ben Watkins, Joe Myers, and the Brass Engine Productions team. Rise to the highest of heart-of-gold adventure with the likes of HG Wells and Jules Verne and sink to the depths charted by such people as Stoker, Shelley, and Lovecraft. We invite you into our world, be you heroes or villains, and extend welcome to your characters, stories, places, and inventions within Steamworks & Shadows.

Destiny can be Invented


Are you ready to invent your destiny and become a part of a steampunk universe? There are many ways to get involved, and it’s up to you what you enjoy the most.


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