S&S Podcast #1: Alchemy in a Fantasy Steampunk World

Welcome to our first podcast! Ben Watkins, Director of Steamworks and Shadows, brings you a weekly podcast about the web series and other projects.

This week, we’re talking about current S&S production news. We had a scene shoot this past weekend, have a shoot planned again this weekend, and some big news is revealed!

Then, we talk with our guest, David Casper, who portrays Tobias Blackmoore, Airship Vindus’s alchemist. David lets us in on a little bit of historical perspective, how we use alchemy in S&S, and some background on the Tobias character.

We also talk about the 2004 movie, Van Helsing. David and Ben agree that the concepts and visuals of Van Helsing make it a great inspiration for alchemy and steampunk, even though the time period it is set in is not technically steampunk.

To wrap things up, Ben and David give some Zero Budget Filmmaker advice about portraying alchemy on screen.

Want to ask us a question? We may answer your question next week if you leave a comment below!


“The Chase” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHmKPBUeQ_k



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