OFFICIAL Steamworks and Shadows Trailer 2013

Our official trailer for Season One of Steamworks and Shadows, being filmed this summer and released Fall 2013!

Editor/Director/Writer/SFX/VFX – Ben Watkins
Assistant Editor – Jashin Lin
Assistant Editor – Seth Hoover
Co-writer – Joe Myers
Assistant Videographer – Cristin Thompson-Watkins
Props by Aterman Props
Music with permission by The Aeronauts
Special Dialogue Line Writer – Sarah Weed

Shot on Canon T3i, edited in Adobe Premiere CS5

Cast (in order of appearance):
JP Morgan – Rodger Francis
Jacob “Gunny” McManus – Kevin Purvis
Aura Korova – Aura Slavit
Lady Jade Summers – Jashin Lin
Carlisle Evans – Seth Hoover
Shamus McMagnus – Robert Shatlain
Adrian Colt – Joe Rexwinkle
Judge – Ben Watkins
Tobias Blackmoore – David Casper
Dr. Dominic Stark – Joe Myers
Layla Anders – Cristin Thompson-Watkins

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