S&S Podcast, Episode 2 – Accoutrements and the Stories Behind Them

In Production News, director Ben Watkins dons a 1940s radio voice to tell fans about the recent youtube video, what we’re filming next, and information on the premiere of Steamworks and Shadows: the Web Series, Episode 1!

Academiae Veritas Youtube Video


Ben’s guest, Mitch Shineman, goes into a few details about the Sunitori costume and the stories behind a few of his accessories. Ben and Mitch then find a few of their favorite movies to review that had characters with a lot of accessories that had stories behind them.

In the last segment, Ben and Mitch talk about ways you can accessorize a costume on a zero budget for filmmaking.

Next week, Ben’s guest will be Assistant Director and Editor Jashin Lin on the show, with a mystery topic!

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