Airship Anubis

Class: Dirigible Airship
Hull Style: British Light Cargo
Engine: Steam-powered Propeller

The Airship Anubis is a mid-to-low altitude light cargo vessel of British design. She flies via sail-driven dirigible with propeller assist. There are six cabins for officers and guests, plus a small crew’s quarters and a full galley, and the cargo bay can hold up to six tons. The hull is water-tight, so water landings are possible. While smaller than most cargo ships, the Anubis is fast and agile, perfect for urgent deliveries or discrete shipments.

To keep her light, she only has three cannon, one powder cannon on either side, plus a light plasma cannon mounted on the top deck with 360 rotation. There are ports in the bottom-side hull for small arms fire. She is equipped to haul small cargo, or she can be rented for private excursions.


The Airship Anubis began her story in 1863, when she rose from Blackwall Yard in London as the Airship Windham. She had barely begun life as a light freighter when she was taken by pirates in the skies over Tangiers.

Renamed the Airship Isis, she spent the next 15 years as a raiding ship. The light, fast ship making lightning strikes on easy targets from Northern Africa to the Middle East, to the Far East, reaching up into western Europe, and eventually across the Atlantic to the North American Republic.

Ventures Series Poster - Anubis-01She suffered heavy damage during raids committed during the Airship Wars, which eventually led to her demise 1878. The Isis languished in a New Arcadian salvage yard for two years. Only one crew member refused to leave her, using her as a squat until the ship was secretly purchased and rebuilt by the aether energy mogul, Sterling Callahan.


  • Captain – Sterling Callahan
  • First Mate – Mouse
  • Pilot – Gabriel Atems
  • Engineer – Tommy Winchester
  • Demon-possessed monster-hunter, Lilith
  • Cook/Navigator – Noor


  • Renowned London psychic, Madame Bella Rose

The Anubis is currently travelling from city to city around the world, taking on small jobs as they come.


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