Airship Vindus

Vindus Logo 2015
Class: Frigate
Special: Chrono-refractive drive core (currently inoperable), Titan Iron armor plating
Crew: Mercenary

A private mercenary ship, the Vindus is quite possibly the most advanced vessel of its type in the North American Republic, if not the world. Created using remnants of Professor August’s designs for the now-legendary Pandora along with experimental technology from Aterman Manufacturing, Captain William Wilkins commissioned the Vindus in order to defend against the horrors of the post-Schism world.

Much of the Vindus’ systems and interior is customized for the crew members selected by Wilkins and recruited by him and Dr. Dominic Stark. Currently, the heart of the Vindus, being its chrono-refractive drive core, is inoperable due to the impossibility of time travel caused by the Schism.


The Airship Vindus is a flying pocket battleship, armed with a vast array of prototype machinery and experimental technology. The Vindus uses a series of aether tanks to achieve lift, assisted by a new kind of rotary engine, allowing a vessel of its size to move through the air with ease. The Vindus also has been equipped with a Time Drive, which is currently inoperable.

Combat Specs

  • Armor: a Titan Iron alloy armor-plating along the entire length of the hull.
  • Weapons: Unknown


Ventures Series Poster - Vindus2-01History

Airship Vindus was built Post-Schism. Some of the crew members had worked together before on a ship called the Pandora. With some help from a few others, Captain Wilkins gathered a crew and commissioned the Vindus airship.

Recruitment and Ship Construction

Where did the Vindus come from? How did the crew come together? Who is Captain Wilkins? Find out this and more with “Recruitment”, an upcoming fiction series by Joe Myers!

Veritas Uprising

In the summer of 1886, Airship Vindus had just lost an artifact to the notorious Hand of Glory when a new employer approached them. Mr. Coates, an agent of JP Morgan, offered the Vindus crew a large sum of money to rescue a missing scientist. Little did they know that they would uncover a larger conspiracy led by the Academaie Veritas. JP Morgan explains that with the kidnapped scientist, the Veritas could construct an aether explosive, which could devastate an entire city.

In a short time, the Vindus discovers the Veritas is led by industrialist Marie Vuitton and scientist Lazarus Killian. In their attempts to find out where the scientist is being held captive, the Vindus encounters strange enemies of superhuman abilities. Dr. Stark theorizes that these enemies are people that have been infused with aether and brainwashed to serve the Veritas purpose.

The Vindus rescue the scientist, Professor Lloyd, from the clutches of the Veritas and discover that they are close to having the bomb ready. Later, some of the Vindus crew meet with Mr. Coates to get their reward. However, the briefcase had an unexpected surprise and Mr. Coates was shot by an unseen gunman.

The Vindus hatches a plan to stop the Veritas once and for all, before they can complete their nefarious mission. (Find out how this story ends when Episode 9 of the Veritas Uprising series is released!)

New Crew and Ventures

Stay tuned in 2015 for a new series of episodes, dubbed “Ventures”! The Vindus will find new crew and new ways to earn a mercenary living in the Ventures series.