Name: Layla Anders
Sex: Female
Age: 30
Occupation: Navigator
Affiliations: Airship Vindus
Character Created by: Cristin Thompson-Watkins

Layla Anders is the Navigator of the Airship Vindus. She is a young woman with unpredictable psychic-esque abilities that convey important (as well as unimportant) information through visions, intense nightmares, and psychometry. While she’s not very often able to communicate this information in any coherent fashion, it usually heavily affects her actions whether she realizes it or not, often leading to many convenient “coincidences.”

The abilities she possesses along with the unique headpiece she wears allows Layla to communicate directly with the time drive of the Airship Vindus to navigate through time and take the ship where it needs to be… sometimes.


Where did she come from? Who is her family? Why is she the way she is?

Unfortunately, only she knows and we’re not sure you’d understand her response if you asked.


Layla is terribly curious. As it’s often difficult to communicate well with others, Layla is rather quiet a good portion of the time. Despite her strange behavior most of the time, Layla is empathetic and truly cares about everyone around her and their well-being. She’s very interested in the paths of her friends and enemies alike, and (sometimes unconsciously) makes it one of her missions to help them along.

Layla likes to “collect” objects of interest, though often times she’ll pick up something to keep without quite knowing why… when this is the case, one can be sure that it will probably come in handy somewhere down the line, even if she’s not quite sure how.


Skills and Abilities

All of Layla’s abilities are unpredictable. Visions usually come unbidden. Sometimes they may lead to saving lives, and sometimes they are useless babble. If and when she picks up on something psychically, it is often unintentional.

Layla navigates the Airship Vindus. Unless given very specific orders from Captain Wilkins with a very good reason, Layla seems to take the crew to seemingly random points in time and space, but they almost always discover shortly why they are there– to stop an unpleasant event, capture an enemy, save the world, or pick up sweets from her favorite bakery back in 1890s New York.


Photo by Scott Peterson
Photo by Scott Peterson

Layla can usually be seen wearing a simple white gown with a brown leather under-bust. She has a pocket watch that hangs by a chain, as well as a rusty washer as a necklace. Her headpiece is an odd looking piece of equipment, and looks like it may be broken. However, Layla would tell you that the headpiece helps her ‘see’. On the rare occasion that she’s not wearing the headpiece, she’s seen with a blindfold.


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Copyright Cristin Thompson-Watkins, 2011